Bringing Turkish Towels to the Australian market had been a dream for Jane and a few family members after spending nearly six Turkish summers in a little Mediterranean village on the west coast of the country. We had well and truly fallen in love with our constant companion, the Turkish Towel and of course Turkey. In Turkey the towel is known as a Pestemal or Hammam Towel which has historically been used for centuries as a bath towel. In more modern times the Pestemal has been transformed into a chic beach towel and can be seen all over the Mediterranean not only in Turkey but in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal and beyond. In 2012, we decided to make the dream a reality after travelling to a small town near the Aegean Coast, where cotton is grown in abundance and beautiful authentic Turkish Towels are woven. Kasaba literally means “small village” in Turkish which does indeed reflect where our towels are loomed. Kasaba Towels is Australian owned and managed. We continue to spend each Australian winter in Turkey in ahumble second home, where we visit our producers alongside soaking up the beautiful Turkish culture and food that Turkey has to offer.







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