Turkish Towels by Kasaba– The Finest Beach Towels and Resort Towels in the World

Turkish fabric and textile work has been renowned the world over for centuries. It is no surprise then that some of the finest beach towels and resort towels in the world are still coming out of the area today. Turkish Towels, like those by Kasaba, offer a number of major benefits over traditional micro fiber towels, including:[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]

  • Quality – Egyptian and Turkish towels and other textile products have some of the highest thread counts in the entire world, making their name virtually synonymous with quality. When you invest in towels from Kasaba, you’re investing in towels woven to withstand the test of time as well as your personal usage.
  • Absorbency – Natural cotton is a very absorbent fiber, unlike many modern travel towels and beach towels, which cannot absorb nearly the same volume of liquid real Turkish towels can. It’s also a completely natural fiber, and isn’t a petroleum product of some sort.
  • Style – Last but not least, consider style. Where do you think you will find the hottest designs – on mass-produced resort towels and beach towels at David Jones or Myer or at Kasaba….where you will find the highest quality Turkish towels in the world, the same sort you will find at resorts, five-star hotels, and other places of luxury across the globe.
Avoca Resort Towel
Avoca Resort Towel

So if you are looking to keep things fresh and bright, consider picking up a new Turkish towel from Kasaba. We offer a constantly updating selection of the world’s best resort towels, beach towels, and other types of towels, all at a reasonable price.

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