Our new “stripey” beach towel is coming – Help us name it and WIN A TOWEL !

Kasaba’s new beach towel design needs a name !

We will be launching our latest Kasaba Towel design in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, we need a name to distinguish this towel from the rest of our range. Can you help us give it’s own, unique name ? The “stripey” comes in 7 gorgeous colours which we think will really make a statement in the current “turkish towel” market. Please post a comment with your ideas/s for our new towel name – the person who comes up with our favourite name will be win a “stripey” in their choice of colour. We have posted below a few photos of the “bluey” which is our first colour to be launched in the range.

"Stripey" Turkish Beach Towel Blue


Stripe Beach Towel Blue
Stripe Beach Towel Blue

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